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[BUY] resistrant rubber flooring.
Contact: Beno Park
Company: IBI Corporation
Address: K.P.O. Box 567 Seoul 110-605
Seoul Seoul 110-605
Country: KR Korea Republic Of [KR]
Mobile: 82-11-9041-8478
Phone: 823282-32-5770322
Fax: 82-32-5767816
Request for Information/Rubber All disputes in relation to this e-mail(s) shall be finally settled by arbitration in Korea Wish You Successful 2003 ! ^o^ Dear Sir #29311. High voltage(+55 000 volt) resistrant rubber flooring. Product size:12mm(T) x 1.2m x 10m required cutting sample 2 pcs of 30 cm x 30 cm x 12 mm(thichness) #47191. Extruded Rubber for automobile We are very pleased to know your company and are intest in develop some business in the near future and would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company called IBI Corporation/Holdings who are international contract since 1982. Please send us two copy of printed catalog both products and company to our physical address as soon as you can. IBI Corporation/Holdings HAN KOOK 301-706 567-1 KAJUNG 3-DONG SEOKU INCHEON 404-806 KOREA