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Rating: 3
The Mission
-MEsteel is a neutral online steel marketplace, where manufacturers, traders, users of steel, and providers of steel related services, find a common platform to buy and sell steel products in the Middle East. -MEsteel facilitates efficient interaction and provides news and information on steel and the Middle East. -MEsteel makes it's members presence in the growing e-commerce felt globally, in the most economical way, so they achieve maximum exposure, at minimum cost. The Concept -Members display in detail their activities, products and services, offers and inquiries, under their own web address on This info is visible to all MEsteel visitors. -MEsteel provides an extensive and detailed database where buyers and sellers find each other, by products bought or sold, and by their kind of activity. -MEsteel provides direct E-Commerce contact between buyers and sellers. Companies can do well targeted mass mailings, deal direct with each other, and track online negotiations with their counterpart. Opposed to other E-commerce sites, no commissions are payable to anybody. MEsteel only charges a yearly member fee. Expanding your Reach -The platform not only exposes the products & services of steel companies in the Middle East, but also the complete profile of all registered companies, along with their email address. A focused and worldwide number of MEsteel visitors find and email our members at once. Steel buyers can access a large number of suppliers in one email shot, Steel and service providers find their market in one clear overview. -MEsteel ranks at the top with the largest search engines, to the benefit of all its members
Industry: Metal
Geography: Asia

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