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[SELL] Aromatic and Medecinal Plants Herbs
Company: Afaherbs
Address: Db Afou Rue 16 n58
Country: MA Morocco [MA]
Phone: 212-22-806088
Fax: 212-22-625344
Aromatic and Medecinal Plants Herbs We do offer the best quality of Herbs Medicinal Aromatic plants the origine is Morocco Aloe vera Anise Arenaria Argan Almonds Artichoke Leaves Ash Asparagus Root Atropa Belladonna Basil Bay Laurel Leaves Bell Heather Bitter Orange Leaves Bitter Orange Peels Black Cumin Seed Brassicaceae Cactus Flowers Calamint Camomile Capers Caraway Carob Castor Bean Ricinus Centaury Chaste Tree Berries Colocynth Coriander seed Cubebs Cypress Daphne Drug Fumitory Fennel Fenugreek Gall-Oak Lavande Henna Horehound Howthorn Iris Roots Jimsonweed Thornapple Khella Plant Licorice Madder Root Mallow Mandrake Mint Round-Leaved Mugwort White Olive Leaves Oregano Peach Leaves Pellitory Pennyroyal Pomegranate Stain Rosebuds Rosemary Sage Saghine Senna Soapwort Spearmint Syrian Rue Thyme Thyme Wild Verbena Walnut Stain Wormseed Wormwoods