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[BUY] I Want Buy 40.000 Ton Wheat Grade
Hello To You And Your Creditable Company I Am Miss Ronak Derakhshan From Iran Country And Tehran City I Am Dealing Manager A Trading Company. / I Have A Purchase Order Of Your Creditable Company For Iran. / I Want Buy 40.000 Ton Wheat Grade 4 And Grade 5 For Animal And 40.000 Ton Corn For Animal . / Please Answer To Me In My E-mail : 1. Your Price For Each Ton (ex : Wheat Grade 4 Each Ton = 500$ and Wheat Grade 5 Each Ton = 600$ And Corn Each Ton = 500$ ) 2. Your Price For Move To Iran ( Abas Port Or Anzali Port ) (ex : From : Algeria To : Abas Port is 1200$ ) 3. Your Price For My Commission (ex : Your Commission For Wheat Grade 4 Each Ton = 1.5$ And Your Commission For Wheat Grade 5 Each Ton = 1$ And Your Commission For Corn Each Ton = 1.5$) So I Must Say To You I Can Be For Your Company Best Marketing Manager In Iran ./ It s Mean I Can Be Have Many Clientele From Iran And Other Countries. / I Think For Each Ton 2$ For My Commission Is Good In This Trade. / It Has Concern To Your Creditable Company And Your Advice . / So I Know My Activity is Not Without Action In This Trade . / If You Want Send For My Company Then First Give Me Your Price Then Then Send Me Your Proform And I Say To You My Address For Send Them In Next E-mail ./ Thank You For And Your Creditable Company ./ Part Pajvak Pegah : Dealing Manager . Miss Ronak Derakhshan Contact Us :