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[SELL] Sell optical fiber interconnect products and fiber application products
Phone: 823182-31-381-6108
Fax: 82-31-381-6109
it is a new R D venture company in Korea which manufactures and supplies advanced and featured ideal optical fiber interconnect products and fiber application products to the world market. TheFibers have a long experience in Optical Fiber Products Field since 1996 and we specialized in Optical fixed Attenuators specially. We would like to briefly introduce our products as follow: [Products] - HUXCLEANER [Product Description] HUX Cleaner is a pen-type in-adaptor ferrule cleaner that does not require the frame to be opened for ferrule cleaning inside the adaptors. In Fiber Optic Communication the ferrule is used as a final interconnection part that transfers light signals through optical fiber. Ferrule cleaning is very important in the interconnections in order to prevent any signal error. In particular the back reflection specification which is currently issued more tightly depends on the presence of any dust or oil etc. - Pen type: first in the world. - 1 HUX Cleaner can clean in more than 500 ways. - No need to open the frame for ferrule cleaning inside the adaptors. - Uses an advanced cleaning fiber which provides better suction of water and oil than present swabs do. - Easy and simple to use. - Compact and portable. - SC and FC types available. [Specification] - Housing material: metal/plastic - Cleaning ferrule: metal - Cleaning fiber: special yarn - Length with cap: 134 mm - Packing: individual - No. of cleaning times per unit: more than 500 - Models: SC-type HUX Cleaner-S FC-type HUX Cleaner-F Should you require further information on our products or services please send email us or visit our following website. We are looking forward to your early and favorable reply.