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Company Brief:  DINGUX skip to main skip to sidebar DINGUX Linux for the Dingoo A320 and other JZ47xx based devices Wednesday 25 New Gemei X760 In the comments of the previous post Neno provided the following 03/10/09/757299_1.htmlSo I asked ChinaChip That is the upcoming Gemei X760 (yes same name than the old x760 fun!) and the specs in the linked page are wrong It's due out by the end of according to ChinaChip.It's CC1800 based same SoC than in the Gemei A330 LCD is 4.3" 480x272 I like the wealth of controls in the lower side.Unfortunately work on the CC1800 has been slow It's no fun to write code based on other code with no comments and no programmer's manual plus I recently got sponsoring for porting dingux to a JZ4755 based device (can't say much about that at the moment) which will be eating up absolutely all of my spare time for the next couple of months As I already said I'm not happy being the bottleneck here so I asked ChinaChip to let me disclose the information they provided on the CC1800 but got no reply so for now I must honor my promise of keeping the information closed Posted by booboo at 2:59 PM classiconaction Wednesday 27 A320 back to production It could be infered from the fact that support for a new LCD type was implemented but I just got confirmation from ChinaChip Posted by booboo at 11:30 AM classiconaction Thursday 21 Support added for new LCD type (ILI9338) A couple of maintenance releases which basically boild down to the addition of support for a new LCD type ILI9338 The support was implemented and tested by ChinaChip I just prepared the dual boot installer and added the new zImage to the old system package.Check out the google code downloads page here Posted by booboo at 6:43 PM classiconaction Saturday 12 Running code on the GA330 Check out usbtool CC1800 has 16KB of SRAM located at 0x0010000 and also mapped at 0x00000000 if certain bit of a special register is set At boot time this bit is clear and ROM is mapped at 0x00000000.The A330 can be made to boot from SD card by pressing DOWN during power up In this mode the ROM code will load sectors 2-17 into SRAM at address 0x00100000 and execute The code in rom.bin will then in turn execute the USB boot code and from then on you can use the usbtool above to upload and execute your code through USB Much more convenient that moving an SD card around.Note however that since the USB boot code is not executed from ROM but from SRAM the same SRAM you will be uploading to (at least until the SDRAM controller has been initialized) some restrictions apply the USB boot code code in rom.bin is loaded at 0x00100000 and first thing it seems to do is move itself to 0x00102000 that is to the second half of the 16KB of available SRAM This means you can use only the first 8KB for your code AND the stack Posted by booboo at 10:43 PM classiconaction GA330 unbricking tool ed998x4zj86c1a2Mind you I haven't been able to make it work I managed to brick one of the two GA330 that ChinaChip kindly provided but haven't been able to restore the firmware Not that I care much anyway since I don't really need the native firmware running for porting the linux kernel.Note that the USB boot mode is not used in any of the CC1800 based machines that I know of due to a ROM problem so actually you will be using SD card boot to run a fixed USB boot code.To prepare the boot SD card in windows use the ChinaChipSDBurnTools.exe utility First argument is the drive letter second argument is rom.bin file Example:ChinaChipSDBurnTools.exe I rom.binThis will just write the rom.bin file to sectors 2-17 in the SD card so it will probably destroy the contents of the card From linux you can use the dd command Assuming the SD card drive is dev/sdi then:dd if=rom.bin of dev/sdi bs=512 seek=2You can actually make a boot

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