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Company Site:  Furlong's Healthy Horse
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Company Brief:  Furlong's Healthy Horse Furlong's Healthy Horse Furlong's healthy horse log Furlong's Healthy Horse is a new service available exclusively to the clients of BW Furlong Associates Peak Performance Equine Services and Equine MRI of NJ This service will enable you to enjoy quick and easy online shopping for veterinary products with prices that rival the large generic online businesses but with the advantage of being overseen by our veterinarians who are familiar with your horses Our veterinarians will be available to answer your questions about the products we offer and the appropriateness of their use We will only sell products that we believe in both in their safety and efficacy and we will help you to use them correctly Orders will be handled quickly veterinary questions will be answered swiftly and prompt shipping will be free We hope you will share in our excitement as Furlong s Healthy Horse is launched later this year at In the meantime we will begin processing orders effective 19 In order to place an order you will simply have to have communicated with your vet and then call (800) 837-1250 Your order will then be placed and will arrive at your doorstep within a few days Click here to download our brochure contact us Phone 800-837-1250 Fax 855-204-2226 Email products/pricing Please note that this is NOT an all-inclusive list If there is something that you do not see please call or email and we will be happy to provide competitive pricing for you ACEPROMAZINE Injectable 10mg/mL 50mL vial$22.99 ACEPROMAZINE Tabs 25mg 100 count bottle$44.99 ACEPROMAZINE Tabs 25mg 500 count bottle$150.99 ADEQUAN Injectable 100mg/mL 5mL vial box of 7 vials$295.99 ALUSPRAY 75g$18.99 ANIMALINTEX Pad (individual)$7.99 ANIMALINTEX Hoof Pads pack of 3$8.99 ASPIRIN Powder Apple flavored 1lb tub$9.99 ASPIRIN Powder Apple flavored 5lb tub$35.99 BANAMINE Injectable 50mg/mL 100mL vial$26.99 BANAMINE Injectable 50mg/mL 250mL vial$51.99 BANAMINE Paste 1500mg/30g tube$26.99 BANAMINE Powder 250mg/10g more than 10 packs$3.39/per BANAMINE Powder 250mg/10g more than 100 packs$2.99/per BANAMINE Powder 250mg/10g single package$6.99/per BIOSPONGE Paste 60mL tube$15.99 BODY SORE Chinese Herbal Powder 900g$91.99 BUTE Injectable 200mg/mL 100mL vial$17.99 BUTE Paste 12g tube$13.99 BUTE Powder 2.2lb tub$29.99 CONFORM Bandage 4 inch wrap box of 12 wraps$7.99 COSEQUIN ASU 1300g tub$149.99 COTTON Leg Wraps 30 inch x 36 inch box of 12 wraps$10.99 CYPROHEPTADINE Powder 100mg/scoop 30 scoops$34.99 CYPROHEPTADINE Powder 100mg/scoop 60 scoops$69.99 CYPROHEPTADINE Powder 150mg/scoop 30 scoops$44.99 CYPROHEPTADINE Powder 150mg/scoop 60 scoops$89.99 DERMA GEL 100mL tube$19.99 DERMA GEL 50mL tube$12.99 DEXAMETHASONE Injectable 4mg/mL 100mL vial$22.99 DEXAMETHASONE Powder 10mg/5g packet$2.05 DORMOSEDAN Gel 3mL tube$23.99 DORMOSEDAN Injectable 10mg/mL 5mL vial$99.99 DOXYCYCLINE tabs 100mg 500 count bottle$34.99 ELASTIKON 3 inch wrap box of 4 wraps$31.99 ELASTIKON 4 inch wrap box of 6 wraps$59.99 EQUIOXX Paste 6.93g tube$8.99 ESTRONE Injectable 5mg/mL 30mL vial$44.99 EXAM GLOVES Large box of 100$7.99 EXAM GLOVES Medium box of 100$7.99 FRONTLINE PLUS 0-22lbs box of 3 doses$35.99 FRONTLINE PLUS 23-44lbs box of 3 doses$36.99 FRONTLINE PLUS 45-88lbs box of 3 dosesk$37.99 FRONTLINE PLUS 89 lbs box of 3 doses$38.99 FRONTLINE PLUS FELINE box of 3 doses$35.99 GASTROGARD Paste box of 14$454.99 GASTROGARD Paste box of 28$899.99 GASTROGARD Paste box of 72$2279.99 GAUZE (Brown) 6 inch wrap box of 12 wraps$14.99 GENTOCIN Injectable 100mg/mL 100mL vial$22.99 GENTOCIN Injectable 100mg/mL 250mL vial$49.99 HEARTGARD PLUS 0-25lbs box of 6 doses$24.99 HEARTGARD PLUS 26-50lbs box of 6 doses$34.99 HEARTGARD PLUS 51-100lbs box of 6 doses$38.99 HEEL OINTMENT a BWF exclusive product 8oz$39.99 HYDROXYZINE Tabs 50mg 500 count bottle$115.99 ISOXSUPRINE Tabs 20mg 1000 count bottle$30.99 KETOCHLOR SHAMPOO 16oz$27.99 KETOCHLOR SPRAY 8oz$19.9

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