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Company Brief:  Blue Heaven Loft Article The rising sun from Taiwan dominates the Belgian pigeon sport pigeon pigeons duif duiven van lint Vanlint Home The story Articles My pigeons Race results Pigeon links Guestbook Loft pictures Other pictures Archives Michel Vanlint only uses the perfect system BRICON All pigeon info on the web De Belgische Reisduif Webmaster Ruben America Michel Vanlint New Blue Heaven Loft A unicum in the Belgian Pigeon Sport A summary of National victories achieved by Michel Vanlint 1 National Bourges 32.724 p 1 National Bourges 21.796 p 1 National La Souterraine 17.545 p 1 National La Souterraine 13.918 p 1 National Bourges 10.670 p 1 National Argenton 6.924 p 1 National Bourges 5.759 p 1 National Bourges 4.753 p 1 National La Souterraine 3.619 p 1 National La Souterraine 3.150 p 1 National Vichy 2.460 p 1 National La Souterraine 1.564 p 1 National Gueret 1.310 p 1 National Vichy 1.249 p 1 National Argenton 945 p 1 National Vichy 875 p 1 National Montlucon (S) 10.397 p 1 National La Souterraine (C) 2098 p New Photos "pigeons with character" Artikel De Duif "Michel Vanlint Olympiadeduif Fond Poznan" (bron De Duif nr 51-52 pag 5) Photo gallery winter atmosphere at Blue Heaven Loft Artikel "wat anderen zien en schrijven over Michel Vanlint" (bron auteur Ludo Geerts) Click on the images New Articles 03/09 New article 03/09 (Streekkrant Hier Sint Truiden) IN THE PICTURE Welcome to Blue Heaven Loft Olympic Pigeons National Ace Pigeons etc A selection of the very best in the loft of Michel Vanlint Have a look and enjoy Click on image to view folder Newest publication in Racing English Chinese Click on pictures to enlarge A moment to remember Bourges National 2005 Have a look at this result Unique in the Belgian Pigeon Sport and never done before Bourges Zone Oost 250 Yearlings 1-2-3-4-5-9-11-14-16-32-37-49-50 Bourges Provincial 2684 Yearlings 1-2-3-4-5 etc Bourges National 21940 Yearlings 1 5-7-8-9-etc Bourges National Zone C 4753p 1 5-6-7-8 etc Bourges Zone Oost 144 Hens 1-2-3-4-5-6-10-12-19-30-35-36-37-38-39 Bourges National Hens 852p 1-2-3-8-9 etc Bourges Obrafo 456 Yearlings 1-2-3-4-5-10-14-18-21-45-58 Bourges Obrafo 228 Hens 1-2-3-4-5-6-10-13-21-42-51-52-53-55-56 advertisments Olympic Special "De Duif" English Chinese Racing Weblog Michel Vanlint update 03-11 in het Nederlands en français in English in Deutsch Toplinks De Bruijn Willem (NL) Herbovet Comed Languages Articles in Dutch Articles in French Articles in Chinese Articles in German Herbots pigeon bids

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